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Dress Code

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ACMS 2019-2020 Uniform Dress Policy  

General Guidelines

Shirts: Shirts must be a plain white/burgundy polo or oxford shirt.

  • No see-through or lace sweaters or shirts are permitted.
  • Approved sweaters or sweatshirts (ACMS logo only or solid) may be worn in class.
  • No hoodies will be allowed
  • All jackets/coats must be secured in the student locker upon arrival
  • Shirttails will be tucked in at all times.  All shirts must be long enough to tuck in and stay.
  • T-shirts worn under the uniform shirt must be No t-shirt can be worn as a uniform shirt (ACMS t-shirts may only be worn on Dress Down Days). 

Slacks: Slacks must be khaki (tan) or black.

  • Items NOT permitted are jeans/denim to include black and khaki color, capris, leggings worn as pants, stretch pants, cargo-style pants, “jogger” pants, elastic cuffs, any clothing with visible logos, or any other variation to the dress code.
  • Pants will be worn at the waistline. No hip huggers, “skinny” style, low rise, or “sagging” of clothes permitted.
  • Skirts, shorts, and jumpers will be no shorter than 2 inches above the knee (khaki/black).
  • Belts will be worn with slacks, shorts, and skirts that have belt loops. Large buckles, belts with studs, spikes, or metal rings are not permitted.

Footwear: Shoes must cover both the toe and the heel (i.e. no clogs, crocs, or sandals).

Socks: Socks must be black or white.

Headwear: NO headwear is permitted (i.e. bandanas, headbands, or scarves (ACMS logo only).

Book bags: Book bags must only be clear or mesh. All book bags will be secured in the student locker upon arrival and remain until dismissal.

Physical Education (P.E.) Uniforms

Shirts: Must be white/burgundy or purchased from the school

  • T-shirts must not be see-through
  • No tank tops or spaghetti straps
  • Shirts must cover the stomach/mid-drift

Bottoms: Must be black/burgundy or purchased from the school

  • Shorts- must be at or near the knee
  • Warm-up/ athletic pants may be worn
  • No tights or legging allowed

Footwear:  Athletic shoes must be worn and properly laced

Socks: Must be worn at all time

Dress Code Violations: Final judgment is left to school administration. Parents of students who are in violation of the dress code will be called to provide appropriate clothes. Students will be held in ISS until appropriate clothes are provided. If you think your clothing might be questionable, then choose to wear something else.

Update from Superintendent Dr. Connelly, September 24, 2019: All CCS schools will make any necessary religious accommodations for any type of headgear or head coverings otherwise restricted or prohibited under existing individual school dress codes. No student shall receive Out of School Suspension based solely upon violation of an existing individual school dress code.

Published by Kelley Ambersley-Ray on October 16, 2019